Buddha statues and where to get them

authentic buddha statues

Buddhism, one of the biggest religions in the world, is based on the principles and the teachings of the Buddha. A prince turned spiritual leader, he helped spread the truth about life and taught people about gaining eternal happiness and peace. Though the Buddha did not claim to be a god, he was revered and is still revered by many people as a deity. Therefore, even thought idol worshipping is not Buddhism's true self, people to take Buddha statues as the symbol of the Buddha himself.

Historically speaking, there are almost none evidence about Buddha's physical appearance and characteristics as the Buddhist iconography started only after almost two centuries of the Buddha's nirvana. But the Buddha statues and Buddha images are based upon the spiritual texts describing how he looked and how the features of his body explained the spiritual guidance for the followers. This may be the reason for the followers of Buddhism to worship the Buddha statue, which does not mean that they worship regarding him as a god but as a leader who can lead them to the path of enlightenment. Hence, we can say that the Buddha statues are taken more as an object of inspiration rather than a religious object.

The Buddha statues are symbol of peace, harmony, self realization and inner happiness. These artifacts are not only important from religious point of view but are important spiritual guide too. From the facial structure, the poses, the position of the limbs to the head, ear, eyes, and nose, each of them have their own hidden meaning from spiritual point of view. With each statue, the style may be varied resulting into varied meaning of the Buddha statues. Moreover, Buddha statues also act as a great source of inspiration for meditation enthusiasts as Buddha himself attained enlightenment by practicing meditation. The Buddha statues provide the feeling of serenity and peace.

These statues also act as a great decorative peace for your home or office. It is also believed that having a statue in your house or work may provide prosperity to you and your loved ones. Having a Buddha statue in your garden or living room may help change your perception about life and help you find its true meaning. So where can you get these special and rare Buddha statues?

Buddha statues in our Buddha shop

The answer is where the question lies itself. Buddha Shop is the perfect choice for anyone who is looking for various Buddha statues and other Buddhist artifacts. Our Buddha shop in Netherlands houses the largest collection of rare and antique Buddha statues from various countries in the Southeast Asian region. Offering variety of original and antique Buddhist artfitting for an antique collector in you or your loved ones, the large collection in our Buddha shop is the result our frequent visits to the above mentioned regions. These frequent visits have helped us establish wonderful relationship with many Buddhist art dealers and has made it possible for us to deal personally with various Buddhist temples and monasteries and personal collectors wanting to part with their priceless Buddhist art. These Buddhist art are then legally imported to our Buddha shop in the Netherlands.

Similarly, you need not worry about the authenticity and legality of the Buddha statues that you buy from us as we do not have any policy of dealing with stolen artifacts. We do not encourage theft of such artifacts as the theft of these statues undermines as well as dishonors the history of these artifacts. Therefore, the statues you buy from us are completely authentic and are bought in a legale way. If you want a buddha statue or any kind of Buddhist arts like laughing Buddha statues, miniature Buddhist temple, shrines, lacquer items, Buddhist manuscripts and other artifacts, do visit our online Buddha shop from where you can choose the perfect Buddha statues or Buddhist artifact to shop from wide varieties of Buddhist arts to choose from.

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