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Buddha statues and artifacts in our Buddha shop

Buddhist artifacts are known all over the world for their representation of Buddha's wisdom and message in each of them. The followers of Buddhism, or the Buddhists as they are known, do not follow the principle of worshipping these artifacts like statues and images, but keep them to pay respect to the Buddha and to get inspired to get peace and harmony in their souls. The Buddha statues and Buddha images carry many hidden meanings and principles after them and symbolize the enlightened one’s teachings of peace and compassion to the followers. These objects are taken as symbols of many subjects based on Buddhist mythologies. They also symbolize knowledge, balance, wisdom, compassion and generosity depending upon the shape, size and the style of the carving in the statues. These statues have been known for helping us to maintain harmony as well as calmness in ourselves.

Similarly, these Buddhist are also taken as a symbol of inspiration for many meditation enthusiasts. Meditating with a Buddha statue in the surroundings helps people to be aware of the Buddha nature within them, which is nothing other than an entire understanding of one's initial, unalterable self.

Though many of these artifacts carry religious importance and history behind them, they can be very useful gifts and decorative items for you and your loved ones.

Antique and Original Buddha statues in our Buddha shop

The Buddha statues and artifacts we have in our Buddha shop are directly imported from Burma and other Southeast Asian countries like Thailand, Indonesia, Laos, Vietnam, etc. As we travel every six months to these countries, we have developed a very special relationship with the locals, collectors and artifacts dealers while searching for the most special and rare Buddhist artifacts. This relationship has helped us to be in contact with many Buddhist monasteries, temples and personal collectors who want to part with their artifacts.

These Buddhist artifacts are purchased in a complete legal way as we do not have a policy of dealing with stolen and illegal statues as we think that the theft of these statues will not justify the history and the cultural importance they carry within themselves. Therefore, you can be rest assured about the authenticity of the Buddha statues and images that you purchase from us.

Buy Buddha statues

If you would like to buy a Buddha statue you can visit our Buddha shop. The Buddhist artifacts in Buddha gallery come in various shapes and sizes depending upon the region of origin and the era of origin. The materials of these statues also vary from each other making them even more special to you.

We have varieties of these antique and rare pieces of history for your liking and if you are interested in purchasing one of these, you can also visit our Buddha shop gallery at the Netherlands.

Few other items which we have for sale are:

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