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Buddha the sincere ordinary human being whose compassion and love for all living creature lead to become a deity. The teachings of Buddha are inevitable in our life existing for more than 2500 years. Before that time people have misconception and superstitious thoughts about the truths of life. Gautama Buddha let go all the pleasures, disturbances and memories; sat under a Bodhi tree practicing meditation to achieve enlightenment. After becoming the awakened one, he started teaching to all his disciples about the facts of life. Those facts when realized will gradually diminish our negative thoughts, worries, pains, sufferings. Ultimately blessing people a happy life. Successively the lessons of Buddha influence the people of different tribes, religion, and country and began to spread all over the world, especially in Southeast Asia. The mass of followers when increases abruptly then form a religion called Buddhism. Buddhism is the path for transformation helping people to live a positive life and enjoy the freedom. Buddha has never been a God to his disciples, a divine incarnation or a prophet bearing message of divine revelation but a human being who by his own striving and knowledge has reached the highest spiritual attainment of which a man is capable.

The follower of Buddha has depicted him in many forms since ages which are still prevalent and being extracted from various parts of the world. These things represent the historical beliefs of people and carving Buddha in diverse forms to show their devotion. Later the artisan’s crafted variety of sculptures, paintings, chanting books for offering prayers, large Buddha statues, parks, Gumba’s for teaching young disciples. Our Buddhist store holds a large collection of such an honorable Buddha statues collected from various parts of the world. They are the means for achieving the realm of Buddha presence. We do not only collect Buddha statues for business, rather our passion and devotion towards Buddhism has leaded us for our establishment. The Buddha artifacts are respected by the devotees from all over the world. For this purpose we want to preserve those feelings of followers and engulf them with the essence of Buddha virtually. Though not real but when appreciated with true heart and bear his lessons in real life can bring a drastic change in our thoughts. The Buddha statues, when kept in your house either for decoration or meditation will consecutively clear the comprehend reality and it leads the one who practices it that to the same understanding. The knowledge will then extricate the roots of sufferings.

Buddhist art in our online Buddhist store

The Buddhist store of Buddha Shop in the Netherlands holds a variety of Buddhist accessories and Buddha statues imported from different Southeast Asian countries. All of them carry the high values describing the significance of Buddha and his teachings. Buddhist scriptures and artifacts mean the portions of reality attached to lives when learned sooner will make us happy and prosperous. Our online gallery have variety of Buddha Mudras like meditating, Dhyana, lying, Laughing Buddha, Large Buddha, Small Buddha as well as Manuscripts. If you want to have any of these Buddhist arts, please visit our online Buddha shop and buy at your own choice.

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