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Buddha galleries all over the world are known for their unique collection of rare Buddhist art collections. These Buddhist arts include many of the artifacts related to Buddhism like Buddha statues, Buddhist art, miniature Buddhist shrines, scriptures and thangkas to name a few. These artifacts in the Buddha galleries express the Buddhist principles in a form of art. Therefore, we can imply that the riches of the Buddha Galleries represent the teachings and basic principles of Buddhism in them.

The Buddha Gallery we have in Buddha shop, is different from the other Buddha galleries in the world for the fact that we have the largest collection of rare, antique and authentic Buddha statues and other Buddhist artifacts which are directly imported from the Southeast Asian nations like Burma, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos and Indonesia. The Buddhist art in our gallery offer wide variety of styles of the Buddha statues depending upon the region of origins and the era of the artifact's crafting. The Buddha shop Buddha Gallery, located at the Netherlands is more than passionate about presenting these antique Buddha statues and Buddhist sculptures are which inspires you while stretching and expanding the possibility of the inner peace that comes within you in your everyday life.

Online Buddhist Gallery of Buddha Shop

The Buddhist arts play a vital role in a Buddhist's life as these artifacts express the teaching of the Buddha's essence in a physical way through various characteristics and traits. Similarly,Buddha statues not only depict the Buddha in his physical traits, but also the body parts in the statue depict the principles and the Buddha's ability. These abilities define the Buddha's teachings and principles. Our Buddha gallery is also home to many Buddhist artifacts like Thangkas, which depict a Buddhist deity, scene or mandala of some sort, Kammavaccas – the Burmese Palm leaf manuscript of Burmese religious texts, miniature Buddhist shrines, Buddha heads, Chinese Guan yins, laughing or happy Buddha statues, antique lacquerwares, antique Burmese offering vessels, Burmese nats, old indigenous artifacts, Thai Buddhas and other rare and artistic and beautiful artifacts from various Asian countries.

Similarly, our Online Buddha Gallery offers the sale of these historically important antique Buddhist artifacts from these Asian nations to be delivered to our valued customers all over the world. The statues and artifacts in our gallery are extremely rare and are without any doubts, completely authentic and are purchased in a legal way. We do not have any policy of dealing with the stolen statues as we discourage the theft of these statues. The theft of these artifacts undermines the historical importance these ancient statues and artifacts carry within themselves.

Every six months, we visit Burma and other Asian countries to search for these antique Buddha statues and other Buddhist artifacts. Through our frequent travels to the region, we have made very special relationships with countless of Buddhist art dealers, Buddhist monasteries, personal collectors and temples who want to part with their Buddhist arts. This is the reason for us to build the largest collection of antique Buddha statues from the unexplored region of Southeast Asia and keep them on sale for a reasonable price. If you want a Buddha statue for you and your loved ones, visit our online Buddha shop catalog and choose the best suitable Buddhist relic for you.

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