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Buddha, the awakened one, or the one who is enlightened, is one of the most revered spiritual as well as religious leaders in the world. Despite of the fact that he lived around 2500 years ago, his teachings are still revered and followed by millions of Buddhists all over the world. This is one of the reasons that the Buddhist arts like Buddha statues are revered across the globe by many Buddhist followers and art collectors too. These Buddhist arts are considered as special artifacts as Buddhist art is considered one of the most unique forms of arts in the world. Buddha statues, Buddha images, Laughing Buddhas, etc are some of the examples of Buddhist art which are popular all over the world.

One of the most important reasons for these artifacts to be popular is the late introduction of Buddhism to the western world. The interest towards the religion has been increasing with each passing day as the teachings of the Buddha has been able to help people or at least influence them to live a better life which is full of peace and happiness. Therefore, the Buddha statues and other Buddhist arts are having huge demands from the western part of our world. Likewise, many meditation enthusiasts are also big admirers of Buddha statues or any other Buddhist artifacts which depicts or symbolize the Buddha as the Buddha himself attained enlightenment by practicing meditation. Therefore, the Buddha statues serve as an important object of inspiration for many mediation practitioners. In the same way, the followers of Buddhism in Asia, do not worship the statues of Buddha as idol worshipping is not a part of Buddhism, instead they take Buddha statues as a symbol of inspiration so as for them to attain the ultimate goal of achieving unmatched peace in their lives.

Therefore, with the attraction of Buddha statues and other Buddhist artifacts, these artifacts representing Buddha alongside their information are online in many websites. Online Buddhism has also played an important role in spreading Buddhism across the western countries, especially the UK and the USA. In the same way Online Buddha galleries have also been there which buy and sale various kinds of Buddhist arts and Buddha related artifacts, books, etc. There have been many Buddha galleries in the web which sale the statues of Buddha online to their customers by claiming to have the possession of the largest collection of antique Buddha statues online.

Online Buddha Gallery

Buddha shop presents one of the biggest collections of rare and antique Buddha statues which are legally imported from various parts of Southeast Asia. Not only Buddha statues, our physical gallery in the Netherlands is home to thousands of antique and rare Buddhist artifacts like Dhyana Buddha statues, Laughing Buddha statues, Burmese Nats, Burmese Buddhist manuscripts, Thai Buddha statues, Miniature Buddhist shrines and garden Buddha statues for your Buddha garden to name a few. These antique and special Buddhist arts are not only purchased in a legal way but also are in our possession after years of continuous research and collection in the above mentioned part of the world. You can also visit our online Buddha shope to view our collection of Buddha online which consists of many kinds of Buddha statues like Shakyamuni Buddha statues, crowned Buddha statues, reclining Buddha statues, and Buddha statues with various kinds of hand gestures called Mudras. If you want a Buddha statue for you or your loved ones, do visit our gallery or visit our online Buddha Shop gallery.

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