Giving Buddha statues as gift

buddha statues as gift

Buddha statues or the Buddharupa, as it is termed in the Sanksrit and Pali language for the models of the Buddha, have been increasingly popular over the years for both the followers of Buddhism and the non followers alike. Whether or not one follows the religion of Buddhism, he or she is most likely to be familiar with the traditional statue or image of the smiling and calm Buddha, the awakened one. These statues have taken up residence in homes, restaurants, hotels and other public places all over the globe. Not only these statues are important from the religious point of view, they are also the objects of inspiration for peace, beauty and compassion. These iconographies are taken as important reminders to be persistent in our spiritual practice for our daily lives. To have a Buddhist statue means to have a serene and peaceful environment around us and our loved ones for a happy and better way of living as the Buddha statues inspires the normal human beings to be free of the sufferings caused by clinging in our lives.

The Buddha statues and Buddha images hold a very important meaning to the ones who followBuddhism as these statues are not taken as the physical representation of the historical Siddhartha Buddha. This peculiar meaning for them is the teachings and principles of Buddha represented in many parts of the body of the Buddha statues. While there are some Buddhists who worship these statues as the symbolic representation of the Buddha as a god but mostly the Buddhist follow or take inspiration from these statues to be more like the Buddha i.e. to be able to know the true meaning of life. In the same way, these statues also hold an important meaning for the ones who practice meditation. These meditation enthusiasts, even if they are Buddhists or not, take the statues of Buddha as the source of inspiration while practicing meditation as the Buddha himself attained enlightenment via meditation.

Gifting Buddha statues for your loved ones

The Buddha statues do not only act as a prized possession for anyone who is an avid follower of Buddhism or any meditation enthusiasts,

buddha statue

but they can also be a great gift for your loved ones who are admirers of the Buddhist art. The Buddha statues you give as a gift for your loved ones will not only make them happy, but help you to strengthen your relationships even better. It means a lot for theBuddhists followers either to give or receive the Buddha statues, whether they are Shakyamuni Buddha statues or Laughing/Happy Buddha statues, as gifts.

So, whether your loved one is a Buddhist or a meditation enthusiast, gifting them a statue of Buddha will take your relationship a step further as it will mean a lot for them to own a Buddha statue for them as these statues have many purposes and meanings for their lives. So where can you get a Buddha statue?

Our Online Buddha Shop

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