Buy Buddhas statues in Thailand

buddha statues in thailand

Thailand is one of the most visited countries in the World Tourism Rankings. Stat shows that around 26.5 million visitors visited Thailand. Thailand is regarded as the home of fine craftsmanship and rich cultural heritage. The most beautiful attractions of Thailand are Buddha Images which are basically referred to 3 dimensional stones and other materials. This culturally rich country follows Buddhism and above 95% of the total population practices Thervada Buddhism.

Tourist Shops in Bangkok

Bangkok is Asia’s most lively city and is famous for selling Buddha statues. Many stores in Bangkok provide both genuine antique and modern reproductions.

golden buddha statues in thailand

Various streets in Bangkok provide a large range of Buddha statues original and most probably modern reproductions. Many of the replicas are crafted with skillful hands. Even though most of them are a modern reproduction of original pieces referring it “antiques”. These are pretty convincing to non-discerning eyes and are quite suitable for decorative purpose.

The River City Shopping complex is one of the most established and most popular venues for antique statue shopping. Most of the antique shops in Bangkok are established by passionate people and those having good knowledge on the goods they are selling. Some of the popular spots for antique shopping are as follows:

  • The Silom Galleria on Silom Road
  • Oriental Plaza Place
  • Old Siam Trading Company

Tourists Shops in Chiang Mai

Also known as “Cultural Capital of Thailand”, this 700 year old town Chiang Mai is one of the famous city of Thailand for its sightseeing, trekking, adventure, antique shopping as well as mountain resorts. Chiang Mai is a shopping paradise since there is a wide range of unusual goods and antique statues which can be found in affordable prices.

With a rich history and quite impressive legacy of art and culture, Thailand has been successful in flourishing trade in antiques. Baan Tawai area is one of the few places for seeking out antique and antique shopping. Thai antiques have become famous for its preserved early artistic expression of religions to glorify Lord Buddha.

Some of the popular places for antique shopping in Chiang Mai are as follows:

  • Borisuthi Antiques in San Kamphaeng Road
  • Sanphranon Antiques in Hot Road
  • Ban Chang Come Antiques in Hot Road

Since various stolen news of ancient pieces from temples has occurred, strict government regulation has made it all more difficult in trading of antique Buddha statues pieces. Any Buddhist statue leaving Thailand requires a certificate from Ministry of Culture. There has been a strict control on the export of Thai antiques in recent years. And no sanctified Buddha image, can’t be exported without the correct permission which also includes Buddhas made for specific religious purpose.

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