Buddha Statues on YouTube

buddha statues in youtube

Buddha statues are one of the most famous forms of arts which not only represents the Buddha in his physical form, but also represents the principles of his teachings. The teachings like the Noble Eightfold Path and the Four Noble truth are also well represented by various parts of the body of the Buddha in these iconographic representations of the Buddha. Such representation is not a new thing as it has been going around for centuries. The craftsmen who have been crafting these Buddha statues have well depicted the Buddha in their own peculiar styles depending upon the region and the era of the origin of the statues. Similarly, with the increasing interests and demands of these Buddha statues, people across the globe have been using new and latest ways of getting in touch with the ones who can get them these Buddhist artifacts with a lot more ease.

One of those methods has been showcasing the Buddha statues on YouTube. YouTube has certainly been one of the biggest sensations over the internet ever since video streaming has been available for public use. One of the highest used and browsed website in the history, there have been active user participation in this form of social media, where you can watch, post, comment or like a video based on your interest. The subject of the video can be of a song, your funny pranks, music, or any daily video diary. This has made it possible for every person within the reach of internet to be active in YouTube. Same goes the case for the Buddha statues. Buddha statues on YouTube have not been a new thing as many Buddha galleries and Buddhist art dealers have their own accounts which showcase their collections. Having said that, our YouTube channel, Antique Buddha statues, not only has many Buddha statues to showcase but also has various information regarding Buddha, Buddhism and Asian culture to be showcased. This makes Buddha Shop's YouTube channel unique account providing detailed as well as brief information about the Buddha statue for sale or information regarding Buddhism.

Watch Buddha online on our YouTube channel

What sets Antique Buddha statues different from other YouTube channel is that the channel offers unlimited information about Buddhist artifacts and their significance in Buddhism. Similarly, we also have a video which shows how a Buddha statue is made in Burma and other parts of the world. Similarly, you can also watch Buddha statues with different sets of Mudras and can visually learn how to differentiate the Mudras of the Buddha statues. Similarly, there are many Buddhas that you can watch online in our YouTube channel which are rare and antique. These antique Buddha statues on our YouTube channel are collected after thorough research and travels to many Southeast Asian nations every year. If you want to watch Buddhas online or check our Buddha statues on YouTube, you can visit our YouTube channel at Antique Buddhas Youtube.

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